People Involved in the GHOST




Jon is an experienced mechanical engineer who has been working on the sheet metal and overall design for the next generation Ghost. Jon has been working on a methodology for converting the prototype to manufacturable vehicle. What is so amazing is that these methods actually reduce vehicle weight and improve acceleration and cornering.

“Performance, cost, and quality are sometimes thought to be mutually exclusive. When properly done, one helps the other!”    
Jon Thorn

The design lead on the X-Cycle is Jeff Kotowski. Jeff is an electrical engineer, with over 40 patents ranging from automotive (fuel injectors, tools, engine controls), signal processing (analog circuits, DSP algorithms) to power control.

“When money is no object, building a high performance electric vehicle is not particularly difficult. The trick is to take a pocket full of spare change and turn it into a modern day electric Model-T.”   

Jeff Kotowski