Coming Soon: the Ghost!

Here is what people are saying about the Ghost:

    “Driving the Ghost is like flying a super sonic jet 6 inches off the ground”, Buzz Lightyear*

    “I have never driven or even imagined such a brilliant car”, Henry Ford*

    “The Ghost is destined to become a classic among electric vehicles”, Nichola Tesla*

    “I’d gladly give up gas to drive this!”, George  Bush*

    “Driving the Ghost makes me just a little bit more liberal.”, Rush Limbaugh*

                                              *all quotes are 100% truly real and not made up! Yes, 100% true.

                 Avian Motors is nearing completion of the Ghost Prototype! Stay tuned for future announcements!

The second prototype is street legal

and road tested!

This is a design and prototype effort by a group of professionals and amateurs including engineers, scientists, machinists, teachers and makers.

An Electric Vehicle

     Designed as a second car

          So it doesn’t have to do everything

                  But it will do what you want it to!

Fast and Fun to drive

    Long driving range

        Comfortably Seats 2